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Think 'Inside' the Box Gardening Masterclass

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📣 You’re ready to turn your brown thumb into a green one.  

📣 You’re tired of buying expensive vegetable or herb plants each spring, only for them to turn yellow and die before you get the first tomato from them.

📣 You need a resource that has the most up-to-date (and tested) methods for growing a garden, lowering your gardening costs, AND comes from a trusted source (yes, I've been a leading farm and agriculture expert for over 10 years).

If you felt yourself nodding along, your perfect solution is here!


✔️ Understand what your plants need from you, instead of just guessing if they need water, more sunlight, or a certain fertilizer

✔️Confidently read fertilizer labels instead of constantly asking the gardening experts in the farm supply store

✔️Keep pests off of your garden plants by being able to tell the difference between good bugs and bad ones

✔️Create healthier garden soil that will help your plants grow, thrive, and produce more without you spending a small fortune on fertilizer each year

This is the most comprehensive beginner’s course for understanding plant health, pest and disease prevention, and gardening so that you can feel confident growing your own vegetables, even if you’ve never owned a plant before!

🌟 MODULE 1: Plant Nutrition. Growing a great garden is only possible if you understand what your plants need. Learn how to read your plants to see what they need and provide it to them.  

🌟 MODULE 2: Soil Improvement. Unfortunately, not all garden soil is created equally.  In fact, that’s one of the leading causes of failure with new gardeners- lack of fertile soil.  Learn how to create fertile soil to grow anything in.

🌟 MODULE 3: Diseases and Pests. It's inevitable- if you garden for any amount of time, you’ll see bugs in your garden, yellowing leaves, or weird spots that show up on your plants.  Learn how to identify diseases and garden pests, prevent them and treat them to keep your garden going.

🌟 BONUSES: You’ll get access to three bonus guides with your purchase.  You’ll receive the Vegetable Gardening in Containers ebook- a resource designed to help you master growing vegetables in containers.  This is a great resource for gardeners with limited space to grow in.  You’ll also get access to the Think ‘Inside’ the Box Edible Container Gardening ebook- a guide that goes in-depth about the types of plants you should be growing, the seasons to grow them in, and how to care for them.  This digital guide is the perfect companion for any gardener.  Lastly, you’ll get access to the Potting Soil Recipes guide- a collection of recipes to make your own potting soil blends for various plants.  These are the exact recipes I used when managing a commercial greenhouse for 6 years.

My method of gardening is rooted in both experience and science.  It’s been proven to work as well for thousands of other gardeners.

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