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Think 'Inside' the Box Gardening Guide: An Essential Guide to Edible Container Gardening

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Learn how to grow vegetables successfully in containers- perfect for limited space growing or growing indoors!

You don’t need to have a huge plot in order to have a garden that will produce a ton of fresh produce for you.  You can maximize your growing space by growing in containers (and still get a fridge full of fresh vegetables and herbs).

The Think ‘Inside’ the Box Essential Guide to Edible Container Gardening will teach you how to:

👉decide which plants you need to grow and how to choose varieties that will not only live but thrive in containers

👉start seeds for healthy, vigorous plants so you can grow more types of vegetables year round

👉understand the basic needs of plants so that you can meet those needs despite growing in a smaller space

👉troubleshoot what’s wrong with your plants and take care of them when disease or illness strikes so you’ll still get produce

👉recipes for homemade potting soil so you can put your plants in the highest quality soil without spending a fortune filling your containers

👉use companion plants to grow more food with less work from you

This guide is an essential resource for any gardener- in it, you’ll find over 150 pages of gardening information that will help you grow better plants, even if you’re not growing in containers.  

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