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Seed Starting Toolkit

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Save money and grow better plants by starting your own seeds.

You know you should be starting plants from seeds, but you don't want to waste hours trying to grow seedlings that may not live. Imagine having a table full of fresh vegetables for dinner every night from plants that you grew.


Let me teach you my fool-proof process that I've used for years to start thousands of seeds.  I used to manage a commercial greenhouse, so I've started my fair share of plants from seeds over the years.


The Seed Starting Toolkit will give you the tools and advice you need to confidently start your own seeds and quit buying expensive started plants.



🌱Have healthier plants that produce more food instead of mediocre plants that may not produce vegetables

🌱Dark green, vigorous seedlings ready to transplant from your house rather than yellowed seedlings from your local nursery

🌱A cheaper method to get strong plants without paying hundreds of dollars on started plants

🌱Varieties of plants that work where you live,

🌱Fun and exciting plants with vivid colors and unique flavors instead of the same old, bland, and flavorless vegetables that the garden center carries

🌱A way to actually lower your gardening expenses so that you can actually break even or get ahead this year with your garden instead of putting yourself in the hole to grow vegetables



🌟ENVIRONMENT. The right environment is the foundation for germination and seedling growth.  Tender seedlings need the right temperature, support, and moisture to thrive.  If the environment isn't right, your seeds won't germinate or will die soon after germination occurs.

🌟NUTRITION. Seedling nutrition is unique.  Young seedlings don't have to same nutritional requirements as older vegetable plants.  Feeding your seedlings properly will give you stout, dark green seedlings and prevent weak, spindly,  and yellow seedlings.

🌟FINISHING. Just because your seedlings are doing well inside doesn't mean that they are ready for the garden bed.  Make sure all of your nurturing efforts pay off by actually hardening your plants off correctly before taking them outdoors.  Plants that are hardened off will hold up to temperature fluctuations and won't get burned up in the sunlight.


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