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Raising Chicks Masterclass 101

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Don’t try to bring those cute and fluffy chicks home without taking this course first.

📣 You are ready to take your farm to the next level with chickens and those cute baby chicks you see at the farm supply store tempt you every time (even if you already have chickens)

📣 You want to raise chickens that are healthier, happier, and won’t cost you a fortune 

📣 You need a resource that has the most up-to-date (and tested) methods for raising baby chicks, lowering your cost for farm-fresh eggs, AND comes from a trusted source (I've been a leading farm and agriculture expert for almost 10 years).

If you felt yourself nodding along, your perfect solution is here!



✔️Confidently set up a brooder for baby chicks instead of constantly calling the farm supply store with questions

✔️Understand what your chicks are telling you by understanding what their different behaviors mean and how you can better care for them

✔️Raise healthy, happy chicks without having to constantly Google what you need to do with them next

You’ll have all of the information you need to successfully raise baby chicks. Don’t buy baby chicks without taking this course first!

👉 Raising chickens from chicks is the first step in raising a backyard flock. Setting up a brooder properly can make or break your future flock.  Get your chicks off to a strong start with proper housing, nutrition, and care.

👉My method of raising chickens has been used to raise healthy, productive, and beautiful eggs, meat and show chickens.  It’s worked for thousands of chickens and hundreds of other students!

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