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Keeping Chickens without Odor, Mess or Bacteria Guide

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Chickens are a ton of fun, and having a supply of fresh, creamy eggs makes them a no-brainer for your homestead. A flock of backyard chickens should be on the top of your homesteading to-do list.  However, chickens are notorious when it comes to their ability to… smell. Or carry nasty bacteria.  Or get messy.

This guide will walk you through the science behind what makes chickens smell bad and the bacteria that can lurk in your coop so you can have a clean coop that is mess and odor-free!


  • Identification: Different smells in the coop mean different things.  Learn what the bad smells are so you can fix the underlying problem.
  • Prevention: One of the easiest ways to keep your chicken coop smelling clean and fresh is by preventing the bad odors from happening in the first place.  You’ll learn the simple, effective steps to do that!
  • Safety: Does the thought of bacteria (like salmonella) worry you when it comes time to collect eggs or handle your chickens?  Learn the ins and outs of your chickens and the bacteria that you could be dealing with (and how to handle your chickens safely).

    You’ll receive instant access to the Keeping Chickens without Odor, Mess, or Bacteria guide.  Through this 19-page guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to keeping a clean and fresh-smelling coop easily so you don’t have to collect poop-covered eggs, wade through mud to get to your chickens or hold your nose in the coop again.

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