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Garden Pests Control Sheets

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Your garden should be a haven for producing fresh, nutritious vegetables for your family.  Bad bugs and garden pests can destroy your crops and hard work.  Don’t let pests take over your garden.  Use these garden pest control sheets to quickly identify and treat the bag bugs in your garden.


  • Identification: Quickly and easily identify the 15 most common garden pests that will devastate your garden
  • Prevention: Learn the tips and tricks to keep pests off of your garden plants in the first place. 
  • Control: Learn which treatments are the most effective for the pests that you’re having problems with.  You’ll learn safe and natural treatment methods that will keep your plants pest-free.

    You’ll receive pest control sheets with information about how to identify pests at the various life cycle stages for 15 of the most common vegetable garden pests in the U.S.  Each pest control sheet gives you effective treatment options and advice for managing pests. 

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