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Feeding Chickens Power Pack

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🎄Happy 10 Days of Deals!

Start spoiling your chickens without blowing money at the farm supply store.

You want to feed your chickens treats and healthy feed, but the options at your feed store are way overpriced and killing your budget. Imagine having a flock of spoiled hens that look forward to seeing you and a budget that isn't broken on feed.


🐓Have healthy, spoiled chickens that get excited to see you instead of chickens that don't care if you're around them or not.

🐓Having extra money to spend on fun chicken stuff, like that automatic coop door, instead of always breaking your chicken budget on just feed.

🐓Eggs that are nutritionally superior and flavorful because your chickens have a balanced diet- no more pale yellow yolks and runny whites.

🐓Not having to worry about diseases and illnesses with your chickens because their immune systems are strong and well-supported with good nutrition; say goodbye to runny noses and sneezing hens!



🐤Feeding Chickens Guide. Have you ever wondered what your chickens can, or should be eating?  This guide breaks down the chicken's natural diet so that you can finally understand what their diet should be like.  You'll also learn which foods are safe for them to eat from your kitchen, and which foods you should avoid giving them.

🐤Homemade Chicken Recipes Guide. Chicken treats and goodies from the feed store are expensive.  Learn how to make your own scratch blends, feed mixes, flock blocks, nesting herbs, dust baths and so much more.  Quit spending all of your money at the feed store and spoil your chickens at the same time!

🐤Quick Start Guide to Homegrown Chicken Feeds. You know that mealworms, fodder, sprouted grains, and fermented feed is healthy for your chickens.  But actually making it at home is a different story.  Learn how to grow and raise healthy food for your chickens at home quickly and easily.  


Please note: The contents of this bundle are included in my membership, the Garden. Farm. Thrive. Academy. 

If you are a member of the Garden. Farm. Thrive. Academy, you already have access to these resources.


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