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Cool Season Crops Success Kit

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Do you grow a summer garden each year, but don’t try to grow plants once the temperatures start to dip?  Have you ever tried to grow lettuce or carrots in the summer but haven’t been able to?  If either of those sounds like you, then you need to take advantage of growing during the cooler months!  The Cool Season Crops Success Kit will help you grow even more food for your family by growing plants that will thrive in colder weather (even if the threat of frost is alive and well!).


✅ How to take advantage of growing during cooler weather

✅ Which crops can (and should) be grown in cooler months instead of during the summer

✅ How to care for cool-season crops 


  • Instant Access to the Cool Season Crops workshop- This workshop was previously taught inside of the Garden. Farm. Thrive. Academy.  In this workshop, you’ll learn which plants you can grow successfully in the cooler months. (a $49 value)
  • Best Vegetable Varieties Guide- Stop guessing what kind of seeds to plant. Instead, use this guide to quickly choose the plants you want that will actually produce! (a $17 value)
  • Vegetable Gardening Tips Guide- If you’re new to gardening, knowing how to take care of your plants properly can feel like reading a foreign language.  This guide breaks down what you need to know to start growing the most common vegetable plants. (a $17 value)
  • Tips for growing Lettuce in Containers Cheatsheet- Spoiler alert!  Lettuce is one of the best cool-weather crops you can grow.  Don’t let it intimidate you!  Instead, follow these foolproof tips to grow great lettuce anywhere, even in containers. (a $9 value)

  • Please note: The contents of this toolbox are included in my membership, the Garden. Farm. Thrive. Academy. 

    If you are a member of the Garden. Farm. Thrive. Academy, you already have access to these resources.

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