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Chicken Emergency Bundle

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Heal your sick or hurt chickens at home without expensive vet visits.

If you've found yourself scouring the internet for hours on end looking for ways to treat snotty noses, clean wounds, or even handle feather loss in your chickens, then the Chicken Emergency Bundle is what you've been looking for. Imagine knowing exactly what to do the next time your chicken coop gets attacked in the middle of the night.


💊Be able to quickly know what's going on with your chicken instead of wasting precious time scrambling for answers on Google.

💊Give your sick chickens life-saving medicine they need now rather than giving them something that might not work later.

💊Provide proven herbal treatments for common issues that you know will work and avoid remedies that you found from an 'expert' that's raised exactly 4 chickens.

💊Feel confident knowing that your chickens will be well-cared for no matter what happens to them, even if your local vet doesn't see birds.

💊Have peace of mind because your chickens don't have to be a money pit, even if they get sick or hurt because you can care for them at home.



✅A step-by-step roadmap to figure out what's actually going on with your chickens so you can determine the best treatment

Treatment cheatsheets so you can give them the most effective treatment after you've determined what's wrong with them

Dosage calculators, medication lists, herbal treatment options and so much more!


Please note: The contents of this bundle are included in my membership, the Garden. Farm. Thrive. Academy. 

If you are a member of the Garden. Farm. Thrive. Academy, you already have access to these resources.

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