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Backyard Farmer's Toolkit

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You’ve got the space to start growing and producing more of your own food, so you’re probably thinking “Now what?”. This toolkit was designed to help you get your garden and farm off with the best start.  You can find information in the Backyard Farmer's Toolkit about gardening, raising chickens, goats, pigs and so much more.


🍅Make your own potting soil, grow vegetables anywhere, and troubleshoot what's wrong with your garden plants using our guides and cheatsheets so you can stop Googling what's wrong with your garden

🐔Start raising chickens in a way that is more natural, less expensive, and puts delicious, creamy, nutrient-dense eggs in your hands from your backyard chickens

🐐Feel confident raising livestock that will provide fresh milk or meat for your family, even if you've never raised animals before


Includes our five best-selling guides - Vegetable Gardening in Containers, the Beginner's Guide to Raising Goats, 5 Most Common Chicken Illnesses, Raising Backyard Pigs, and the Beginner's Guide to Raising Livestock. (a $144 value)

Also includes our wildly popular quick-action booklets- Homemade Potting Soil Recipes, Must-Have Items for Starting Seeds, Vegetable Gardening Tips for Success, Silvopasture Planning Guide, Gardening with Chickens, and the Guide to Homesteading. (a $98 value)

Includes dozens of additional printable resources for keeping livestock healthy, creating rich garden soil, troubleshooting in the garden and so much more. (a $65 value)

Get access to four popular workshops including- Home Herd Basics, Getting the Most from Your Tomato Plants, Backyard Flock Basics, and Getting Your Garden Ready for Fall. (a $108 value)

Please note: The contents of this toolbox are included in my membership, the Garden. Farm. Thrive. Academy. 

If you are a member of the Garden. Farm. Thrive. Academy, you already have access to these resources.

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