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5 Day Farming Kickstart Challenge

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📣 You want to grow more of your own food and raise animals for delicious, home-grown vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs, or meat.


📣 You want to grow gardens and raise animals that will actually produce food for your family, not just create an endless chore list and massive feed bills.


📣 You need a resource that will tell you exactly what you need to do to get the ideal garden started and which animals you need to put on your property.  

If you felt yourself nodding along, your perfect solution is here!


✔️ Have a strategy in place for your farm for the next six months, year, or five years

✔️Start growing food in your garden that makes it onto your plate every day

✔️Decide which animals to raise that will be the best fit for your farm and goals

✔️Eliminate endless chore lists and massive feed bills by only focusing on the animals, plants, and projects that are going to produce for you


The most important step to becoming self-sufficient is planning your farm out the right way.  Avoid wasting time, energy, and money on projects that won’t actually feed your family.  Instead, learn how to streamline your farm to be super productive, while taking up the least amount of your time and resources.

🌟 DAY 1: Focus. The first day of our challenge is all about thinking about what you currently have and how you can make it work best for you. We'll talk about what you need to consider on your farm and how that will affect the gardens you grow and the animals you can raise.


🌟 DAY 2: Animals. Day 2 of our challenge is all about planning the for animals.  We'll discuss how to decide which animals are best for your farm, your lifestyle, and your specific self-sufficiency goals


🌟 DAY 3: Gardening. On Day 3, we'll focus on the gardening aspect of your farm.  We'll discuss how you can consider what you've grown in the past, and what you should actually be growing, and use that to plan gardening goals for this year.


🌟 DAY 4: More. By Day 4, you'll have a clear picture of what your farm goals should look like for this year.  Day 4 is all about how to add small projects that will have a huge impact on your farm's productivity and your overall ability to feed your family healthy, home-grown foods.


🌟 DAY 5: Make it happen. Finally, on Day 5 we'll pull it all together and look at the ongoing process of constantly improving your farm and your farming systems so you can CRUSH your farming goals this year.

The 5 Day Farming Kickstart Challenge is the best way to start becoming more self-sufficient.  Don’t waste time doing what you think is the right way to start a farm or garden. Make sure that you start yours the right way!


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